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James Mujunangoma

Managing Director

I started as an electrician engineer at TANESCO back in the 1980’s.

My main goal in life was to establish my own LEGACY for my beloved wife Mrs Restituta James and kids (Eunice, Eutropia, Nicholaus & Nichodemus). This is greatly achieved since NIKI is now 34 years of experience categorized as CLASS TWO.
I am also a business man carrying out various projects in East Africa, monitored by my beloved kids.

I have one rule in life.. LIVING ISN’T FOR THE WEAK.

Eutropia James


Pursued my CPA and Corporate Finance Degree both accomplished in 2017.

Born on 19 th Nov 1994, commonly known as Tropie.
Took over my father’s company as one of the Board Directors immediately after finishing my studies and keeping it on track until to-date.
I am the Youngest Board Director of the Tanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (TCCIA) elected as from September 11,2021.

I am the Founder & C.E.O of GRAZIE HAIR PRODUCTS LIMITED, as the one and only trusted partner of NIKI.

Following my father’s steps has brought me to a great MILESTONES in my life.

Nichodemus James


I am the youngest Board Director of NIKI.

Born on 11 th May 2005. I am a form four graduate with honors of Division 1 points 12. I want to be as powerful as my Dad.

My Dad is my one and only ROLE MODEL.

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We do everything for our clients, people, and partners, not to win awards. But it’s nice to be seen for growing our exclusive companies, doing great work.

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